Alarming- Over 200 Dogs deaths reported during last three days in an area!

In the Bishnupur town of West Bengal over 200 stray dogs have been found dead creating panic among the locals informed officials however Veterinarians said that they suspect the deaths to be caused by a viral infection which is common during this time among dogs, and urged people not to panic as there are no chances of its transmission either to human beings or other animals.

Bishnupur civic body chief Divyendu Bandopadhyay said the matter has been reported to the district officials since on Tuesday 60 dogs were reported dead, while on Wednesday and Thursday, 97 and 45 dogs were found dead respectively.

Samples have been collected from the dead dogs and sent to Calcutta for testing and carcasses are being buried at the dumping ground by the Bishnupur municipality , official said.

However one thing has to be probed, that why these canine deaths are reported from this particular area only. If this is common during this time as the experts claim ,why such deaths are not being reported from the other areas of West Bengal.

Report- Vikas Chandra Agrawal

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