Women empowerment or gender equality …What holds the key?

Woman I am.
Bleed I do.
Scars I bear.
Tolerance I need.
Voice I have.
Brave I am.
Strong I stand.
Love I share.
Life I create.
Woman I am.

Empowerment… Why for women’s only?

In the forgoing lines of the poem we can see that woman possesses capabilities which a man does not. From birth to the death only a woman keeps struggling for her existence in this society.

Here, you as a woman living in this patriarchal society should ask why only women needs to be empowered?

What is empowerment?

There are several definitions of empowerment available on different different platforms
but what exactly is empowerment? Is it the process of giving people or group of people their rights or freedom?

In the ancient times women were not treated equal to mens. But do the women need to be empowered in the present era also…. Why so ?

Because of existence of gender inequality in the our society, it always aims at being “male chauvinistic” society.

That is why the need of empowering the women still exists in our society.
Basically women empowerment is the process of giving rights or freedom to women.
Women empowerment can be defined as promoting sense of self worth, ability to determine their own choices and their right to influence social changes for themselves and others among women.It is closely aligned with female empowerment a fundamental human right i.e. also a key to achieving more peaceful, prosperous and gender parity society.

Now a days , women empowerment and promoting their rights have emerged as an integral part of major global movements.

Celebrating a particular day of year as International Women Empowerment Day is also gaining momentum.
But despite a great deal of women’s progress , girls continue to face discrimination & violence in parts of our society as well as that of world .

Again my question as a woman to the society is…. why there is need of a woman to be empowered?

People living in the society should think over it.

Report: Nivedita Singh

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