Before Nupur, take actions against those who insulted Hinduism – Ranjit Bahadur

Senior bjp leader Ranjit Bahadur Srivastava challenged the political Opposition and community leaders of muslims .

He asked if they are really in favour of Justice and truth , before demanding action against Nupur sharma they should ask for action against maulanas and others those have made objectionable comments against hindu deities.

In a press conference at his residence in barabanki city the senior leader slammed those asking for actions against Nupur .He said ,first check out what ur people have commented against our faith and religion.

He conveyed his full support to Nupur sharma and Navin Jindal . “One should go for study of the religious book Quran to understand what Nupur has qouted and what is the fact, muslims know it better” he added.

Ranjit bahadur clarified that all his expressions on this issue shall be considered as his personal views as a hindu leader not as a BJP leader.

He also demanded proper security for Nupur and Navin as they are getting life threats after a disputed comment on Prophet of Islam.

Ranjit is also considered as firebrand hindu leader .He is oftenly in news for his statements on political social and religious issues.

The Indian Opinion, Barabanki

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