Killings of hindus is continuation of Jehadi War, Govt left us alone – Panun Kashmir

Stop keeping KP Community hostage to make belief of secularism : Dr. Ajay Chrungoo

Continuing their unflinching support to holed up P.M.package employees,Panun Kashmir activists held a protest demonstration at Buta Nagar migrant camp. This demonstration is part of series of protests being organised by the victims of genocide. Dr. Ajay Chrungoo chairman of Panun Kashmir while speaking on the occasion warned the powers that be that their experiments to keep the community hostage to make belief of secularism shall result in a bigger catastrophe.

The series of killings in Kashmir of Hindus is continuation of a jehadi war which has now acquired hybrid character. The participants in one voice lamented the abject failure of the Indian state to recognise jehad as a war form,which is now spilling over to the rest of India with disastrous consequences.

The demonstrators also pledged that they will leave no stone unturned to secure the life and limb of their children who have been reduced to the status of hostages in Kashmir valley.

They warned that in case they are not relocated to Jammu, the community shall be forced to launch a nation wide agitation against the administration which it finds the collaborator in their genocide. A.K. Dhar coordinator Panun Kashmir of Buta Nagar camp aptly conducted this programme.

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